Cody Dostal

Well, hello there. I see you found my new Flavors page. Pretty cool site, if you ask me. Anyways, let's get to the interesting part: Me. Well, I think I'm interesting, but you will determine that for yourself. I live in Missoula, Montana. Yep, I know, beautiful place. I know you're jealous. It's got mountains, forests, and even ranches. Admit it, JEALOUS. I am engaged to the most beautiful girl ever, and we will be getting married September 21st of this year (wait, did I detect more jealousy? Tone it down, dude.)

I've lived in this beautiful town for about 7 years now, the other 10(ish) was in California, Grover Beach, to be exact. Beautiful town, but we outgrew it, or rather, it outgrew us. Crime was raising, and my parents had 5 kids. Not exactly a place they wanted to raise them, so they brought us here. I don't regret their decision, in fact, I love it! I miss my grandparents, but apart from that, great place to live.

I currently work at McDonald's as a Crew Trainer, but soon I will be a Manager-In-Training. I've climbed the ladder very fast (I haven't even been there a year!) but that's because I actually enjoy my job. I know, weird. Call me crazy. No, not the song. And I know it's Call Me Maybe, but I like Call me Crazy better. More like what the song should be about.

I also develop software (see that Github link? Go to it. I'll wait. Well, my text will wait. Go on. Come back when you look at my repos.) My main software is WiFiz (although that is becoming NetGUI... but that's for another time. I also develop games, but there isn't much on that end yet. It's still in development. Just have patience, it will be out soon.

If you want to know more, just contact me. I always leave my e-Mail open. It's Have a job offer? e-Mail me for my number (sorry bro, I don't give it out on the interwebs for ANYONE to see.)

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